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Report says Bus Advertising Works

Report Says 'Bus Advertising Works'

Buses are literally up everyone’s street. Transporting the nation’s consumers, buses come into contact with them throughout the day - whether we are travelling on them, passing them in the street or following them down the road in a car. If you’re seeing buses you are seeing bus advertising.

Robust research into how consumers interact with the media has proven that bus advertising is not only welcomed, seen and remembered but in fact over 80% of people have acted on an advert that they have seen on a bus. For an advertiser there is no better way to take your business to your potential customers.

Bus advertising also has the flexibility to offer a range of formats for a range of budgets, so depending on what you want to achieve you will find a solution that enables you to build business and bring in more customers.

If you’re in business and are use advertising as part of your marketing then you should be talking to Bu-Val Buses and our marketing department.

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