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Lending a Helping Hand to Charity

Bu-Val Buses Offer Helping Hand To Charities

"Help offered worth thousands of pounds"

Rochdale’s local bus company is now seeking to help local charities by offering them free advertising for 6 months.

“For some businesses the interior advertising in a bus can prove extremely effective” explains Managing Director Danny Booth. It is these lucrative interior headline advertising spaces that Bu-Val Buses are offering free for 6 months for the use of local charities.

“We‘ve already been in touch with some local charities and they‘re very interested. Our message to people reading this paper is that if they support a charity, get in touch with them and let the know about this great offer and ask them to get in touch. If a charity sends Bu-Val buses a finished advert, we can have it on the bus within days.”

The offer means that the current rate of £20 a week charge is waived for charities. This means giving each charity advertising worth nearly £500, so it’s potentially a few thousand pounds of advertising Bu-Val is donating to charity if a number of organisations take part. The only stipulation is that the charity pays a small amount towards the production of each advert which are high production vinyl adhesive ads, but the amount is less than cost.

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